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Fire risk analysisi. According R.D 28 March 2014
ii. Fire Risk Analysis = obligation employer
iii. Work Method:

1. Inventorisation:

a. Fire & Explosion risks & potential impact
b. Buildings, business processes, installations & persons present
c. Fire protection installation & intervention means
d. Organizational Prevention Management

2. Identification Technical & Organizational Preventive Measures

iv. Result = report

1. Analytical report with above inventorisation & prevention measures
2. Quantification & Scoring Risks (without & with preventive measures)
3. Potential Fire scenario’s & Impact

v. Goal:

1. Prevent Fire
2. Safe & Swift Evacuation
3. Rapid & Efficient Fire Combat
4. Minimize Impact Fire
5. Facilitate Intervention Emergency Services

vi. Other Elements = Fire Prevention Dossier:

1. Fire Risk Analysis = part Fire Prevention Dossier
2. Organization Fire Fighting Team
3. Internal Emergency Plan = Procedures:

a. Tasks Fire Fighting Team
b. Evacuation Personnel
c. Evacuation Exercises & Evaluations
d. Use fire protection means
e. Information & Training employees

4. Evacuation Plans:

a. Layout & Use Premises, situating compartmentation boundaries
b. Location areas with increased fire hazards
c. Exits, emergency exits, evacuation routes & assembly point(s)
d. Locating First Intervention means

5. Intervention Dossier:

a. Information for efficient intervention Emergency Services
b. Evacuation plan, accesses, high risk areas, …
c. Plan firefighting means & tools, location fire detection panel, …
d. Location electrical installations, closing valves fluids, ventilation systems, ...
e. Review demands / questions public Emergency Services, …

6. Evaluations Evacuation Exercises
7. Dates controls & maintenance firefighting means, gas, HVAC & electrical installations
8. Deviations accorded based on Art. 52 of A.R.A.B. / R.G.P.T.
9. Advice Prevention Counsellor, C.P.B.W / C.P.P.T., Emergency Services, …